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Singularity: An Eclipse Phase Character Generator

Here at Snow Dog Labs we love Role Playing Games. We especially love Eclipse Phase and its hard sci-fi world! However, building a character can be a pretty time-consuming affair, and aside from a couple of (very well-done) spreadsheets, there wasn't much to assist in the process--making it difficult to evangelize the system to time-starved gamers.

After a hazy, caffeine-fueled period of indeterminate length, an alpha generator was produced and presented to the team's local gaming group. Within an hour, the group had some exciting characters, character ideas, and a date set to play the game!

We knew then that the rest of the Eclipse Phase and table-top RPG community had to get access to this product. After some discussion with Posthuman Studios, we here at Snow Dog Labs became involved in our very first Kickstarter project. You can read more about this (and other Posthuman Studios endeavors) on their Kickstarter page and website!

Check back soon for more info like screenshots and sample characters! If you're interested in our work, please share with all your friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. And if you feel particularly led, contributing to the Kickstarter is a great way to let us know we're on the right track!

~Snow Dog Labs

Update 08.23.2013

Thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter! Now feast your eyes on the first screenshots of Singularity. The first 3 are what you will see when using the new Eclipse Phase Transhuman Packs system, and the final 2 are part of the Life Path character creation wizard. Let us know what you think! Tweet @snowdoglabs or add your thoughts to the Eclipse Phase Forums.